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Cipzi is one of the few starting metaverse domain name registrars that provide the fastest and easiest way to become a metaverse domain owner. Apart from being a metaverse domain registrar, we help you all the way to making your metaspace dream REAL with our metaspace builder service and metaspace hosting services.

Our Story...

We have been using the same web 2.0 internet or the present internet for decades. But with the latest updates in technology, the users expected an upgrade of the internet for so long. There were so many suggestions and predictions about the future of the internet but none of them were practical enough as the concept of the metaverse. Metaverse is the best solution for the drawbacks of the present internet and the next step of the internet experience.

To give the user a good and trusted internet experience, there was a need to come up with a full-functioning and long-lasting solution. That’s where metaverse stepped in as the next version of the internet. To facilitate the requirements of future internet experience or the metaverse, there has to be service providers offering solutions to users expecting this upgrade.

This is where Cipzi comes in…

We at Cipzi took a step forward to this challenge and became an accredited metaverse domain registrar being one of the first MVD registrars as we believe in this revolution of the future internet.

Cipzi values customer satisfaction the most. We have a full-functioning program to support you with metaverse domain registration and beyond. From the domain selection to creating a metaspace in the metaverse, each step is guided by our domain experts!

We provide you with the easiest and fastest metaverse domain registrar service. Apart from our main service, we also provide metaspace builder service and metaspace hosting service to ensure your growth in the metaverse.