Are all Nft Domains Not Metaverse Domains?


With the introductions of NFTs and metaverse, various types of domain types that are compatible with the technology were introduced such as NFT domains, crypto domains and metaverse domains. Are all these similar, or are they different from each other, what purposes they fullfull are some issues you might encounter when interacting with the metaverse and NFTs. so this article will give you a good understanding of NFT domains and metaverse domains.

So are all NFT domains metaverse domains? No they are not.

What are NFT Domains?

An NFT domain is an NFT that is written into a public blockchain, completely user owned and compatible with the web 3,0 technology. We can divide these NFT domains into two types based on their uses; metaverse domains and crypto wallet domains. So all NFT domains are not metaverse domains, metaverse domains are a type of NFT domains.

Both metverse and crypto wallet domains share some similar features and have their own unique qualities too. Lets dive in to know more about metaverse domains and crypto wallet domains.

Similar Features Of Metaverse Domains And Crypto Wallet Domains

Both metaverse domains and crypto wallet domains share these special features.

  • Can receive and sell as an NFT(an NFT)
  • Decentralized
  • Supports both crypto and fiat currencies
  • Owner gets the complete ownership
  • 100% secure
  • No renewal fees

Metaverse Domains

Metaverse domains are the domains that are used and shared in the metaverse; the metaverse version of the traditional domain names. Metaverse is the next step of the internet, to be compatible with this technology, the metaverse domains were introduced. Metaverse domains are mainly used to create metaspaces. Metaspaces are the “metaverse version” of websites. Users cannot acces the metaspaces with traditional domain extensions, metaverse domains are recognized with the meta domain extensions such as, .z, .x, .meta, .web3 and .e.

There are two main uses of metaverse domains, to create a metaspace on the metaverse and to invest (domain flipping).

To create a metaspace you need to register a metaverse domain name from a metaverse domain registrar. And then you can buid a metaspace with it. When selecting a metaverse domain name be careful to select a quality metaverse domain and select the right meta domain extension for it.

And also metaspace domain names can be recognized as an investment source. Metaverse is always evolving and building so the value of the metaverse domains are appreciating over time. So if you buy a metaverse domain today for an affordable price, you can resale it for profit when the time is right. So metaverse domains are also suitable for domain flipping.

If we discuss aout the access method of metaverse domain names, metaverse domain names can be accessed with any meta browser. But the access method of crypto wallet domains can be vary according to the domains extension and domain provider.

Crypto Walet Domains

Crypto walet domains are introduced to simplify the transactions process of crypto wallets. That is why they are allied crypto wallet domains. So how does a crypto wallet domain simplify the wallet trasactions?

Earlier, when doing crypto wallet transactions users had to use a code which included letters and numbers referred to as wallet addresses. When the wallet owner needs to receive and pay crypto currency this wallet address is used as the authentication method. This is an example of a wallet address,


As you can see, this code is not human friendly, very hard to memorize, and easily mistakable when typing. To overcome these obstacles and smooth the wallet transaction process, crypto wallet domains were introduced. Crypto walled domains are human friendly and memorable. Users can purchase these domains from naming services such as Unstoppable domains

What are the uses of crypto wallet domains?

  • Able to use as a wallet address
  • A username across all the online platforms
  • Easy to remember and use
  • Can build a strong online identity
  • Also can host websites and apps in the metaverse (still developing)
  • Can receive and do payments using a range of cryptocurrency types

So in conclusion, you now know why all NFT domains are not metaverse domains. Metaverse domains are a subcategory of NFT domains and metaverse domains have some special features that makes them distinct from NFT domains.

Benefits Of Owning A Meta Domain

  1. Virtual identity: Just like a traditional domain represents an online presence, a metaverse domain serves as the digital address for your virtual space. This identity is essential for individuals, brands, and businesses looking to establish themselves in the metaverse community.
  2. Brand Establishment and Recognition: For businesses and brands, owning a metaverse domain is similar to securing prime real estate in the digital world. It allows them to extend their brand presence into the metaverse, confirming recognition among the growing user base. This early adoption can contribute to brand authority and influence in the evolving metaverse landscape.
  3. Creation of Metaspaces: Metaverse domains are the key to creating metaspaces, which is similar to websites in traditional domains. These metaspaces serve as immersive environments where users can engage with content, products, or experiences. Owners of metaverse domains have the opportunity shape these metaspaces according to their need and creativity.
  4. Investment Assets: Metaverse domains are not just addresses; they are digital assets with the possibility for appreciation over time. As the metaverse continues to evolve and attract more users, the value of sought-after metaverse domains may increase. This aspect makes them an attractive investment opportunity for individuals and businesses looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of the metaverse.
  5. Integration with Emerging Technologies: Metaverse domains are at the forefront of the integration of emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). As these technologies become more prominent, metaverse domain owners have the opportunity to create immersive and cutting-edge experiences that ring with users seeking innovative and engaging online interactions.
  6. Ability to make money from reselling- same as with traditional domains, metaverse domains are also profit-generating digital assets. With the value appreciation of the meta domain names, the domain owners can sell for a higher price later if they can. Metaverse domains can be identified as investment sources.

So in conclusion, you now know why all NFT domains are not metaverse domains. Metaverse domains are a subcategory of NFT domains and metaverse domains have some special features that makes them distinct from NFT domains.