What Are Security Keys?


The security keys are introduced to make the metaverse domain management process easy and secure. If you are planning to invest in a metaverse domain name, it is advisable to learn what security keys are and when and why they need to be used.

In the metaverse domain world, there are 3 security keys.

  • Public key
  • Private key
  • Z key

Public Key

When you register a Metaverse domain name, creating a cipzi wallet is a requirement. Each cipzi wallet is generated with a public key. The public key is the representative of your cipzi wallet. It is introduced for encryption and verification of data within wallets.

You need the public key to purchase a Metaverse domain name and if someone transfers a domain name to you it transfers to your wallet’s public key. You can share your public key with anyone and it is visible in your cipzi wallet. All the metaverse domain-related information will be recorded with the public key.

The public key is a combination of capital letters, simple letters, and numbers; an alphanumeric code. It looks like this,


To see your public key, go to your cipzi wallet, and select the security keys button on the dashboard.

Private Key

Unlike the public key, the private key needs to be kept secret. The wallet owner is not allowed to share it with anyone because the private key is needed for your wallet’s security purposes. Experts recommend not saving your private keys in any digital device for safety purposes.

Also, the private key is used to verify the ownership of your cipzi wallet. Private key is a string of characters and it is a random and unique number but not as long as a public key. It looks like this,


To find your private key, go to your cipzi wallet, and select the security keys bar on the dashboard. Select the show key button to see your private key.

Z Key

As its name suggests, the z key is a key that was introduced by the metaZ organization for security and authorization purposes. This Zkey is only generated by the metaZ organization. It is also known as blockchain key as it is minted to a private blockchain.

No matter how the technology is upgraded and has security systems, it comes with risks. The user always needs to be aware of them and secure their assets within the metaverse. For that, to give your wallet an ultimate security, the Z key was introduced. Think if your wallet is hacked by someone, you need the Z key to recover your wallet. And also Z key is required when you transfer mtaverse domain name to another registrar.

Getting a Z key is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended by the experts of the metaverse field. If you want to generate a Z key, you need to provide your KYC information such as IDs, Licence and passport documents. Do not share it with anyone.

Well, now you have a good idea about each key and the purpose of each key. Have a safe and sound journey in the metaverse world…if anything do not hesitate to ask for help!