What Is A Metaverse Domain Name?

With the outspread of the metaverse trend, so many questions have been raised, such as, What is the metaverse? What are metaverse domains? How much does a metaverse domain cost? Is Metaverse free? To get the right answers to all the questions you have related to the metaverse domains, read the article to the end!

Introduction to Metaverse Domains

Metaverse domains are unique digital addresses specifically designed for “the metaverse,”  also known as the future of the internet. Metaverse is a computer-generated virtual reality space where users can interact with each other and the environment around them in real-time.

These meta domains serve as identifiers within the metaverse, similar to how traditional domain names function on the regular internet. They are mainly used to create metaspaces, which are virtual environments or platforms within the metaverse where users can engage in various activities. And also, just like with the traditional domains, metaverse domains can also used for domain flipping. Just like in the traditional domain system, the metaverse domain system also has metadomain extensions.

Meta Domain Extensions

Many industries are keen to invest in the metaverse, so there can be various metaverse platforms. Meta domain extensions help users to identify the type of the metaspace platform. So there are several meta domain extensions introduced to the main categories, such as .z, .meta, .web3, .e, and .x.

  • .z – this meta domain extension is the same as the .com domain extension. Regardless of the type of business, any metaspace business platform can use this .z meta domain extension. .z is mainly recognized for the business metaspace platforms and is the main metadomain extension. So .z metaverse domain name value can be increased over time. This domain extension can be used commonly for any metaspace category.
  • .x – this is the next best meta domain extension available after the .z meta domain extension. This meta domain extension is also created to represent the business metaspace platforms. If your .z meta domain name is not available, we recommend the .x meta domain name as the next best choice.
  • .web3 – .web3 can be used for any platform that uses web3 technology. Users can easily identify your metaverse domain name belongs to a metaspace that uses web3 technology.
  • .meta- this meta domain extension also represents that the domain name belongs to the metaspace. You can use this domain extension for spacial metaverse platforms such as gaming platforms, entertainment purposes, and social purposes such as chat rooms.
  • .e – .e – users cannot use this meta domain extension yet, but in the near future definitely you can use it. .e means an emoji feature adding to the and of your metaverse domain name. Emojis are faster than words, so you can present the core of your metaspace just by using the right emoji.

Important: even though these meta-domain extensions can be used for a particular category, there are no rules for using them exactly like that. You have the full freedom to use whatever the meta domain name to your metaverse domain name. It’s all about providing the best customer satisfaction.

Qualities of a Metaverse Domain

Metaverse domain names are similar to the traditional web 2.0 domain names but created for use within the metaverse environment. Metaverse is a virtual ecosystem that was developed based on decentralized technology. As the metaverse provides virtual reality, a most awaited concept, internet users believe the metaverse is the next level of the present web 2.0 internet.

  1. Navigation – Users can find the metaspace by typing in the metaverse domain name.
  2. Opportunities – With a metaverse domain name, users can invest in the metaverse. It allows users to try their business ideas and creative ideas in the metaverse universe. And have the opportunity to name their metaspace with a creative name.
  3. User-friendly metaverse – Metaverse is the newest feature of modern technology. Instead of a long alphanumeric code, users can easily memorize a name, and find their destination in the metaverse universe using it.
  4. Unique – Each metaverse domain name is unique and can be owned by only one owner at one time.
  5. Ownership – Metaverse is built on web3 technology which is decentralized. So there is no third party to control your metaverse domain name. The minute you purchase the metaverse domain name it becomes your personal digital asset.
  6. One-time payment – When you buy a Metaverse domain name, there are no any renewal fees to be paid monthly or annually. Only the value of the metaverse domain name.
  7. An investment resource – Metaverse is full of business opportunities. So the possibility of increasing the value of a metaverse domain name in the future is very high. So people tend to invest in memorable and unique metaverse domain names to get a high return on investment. Is investing in a metaverse domain name smart?
  8. Unlimited opportunities – A metaverse domain name opens a door to immense opportunities. You can do so many things on the metaverse when you create a metaspace with a metaverse domain name. As mentioned before, many industries are investing in the metaverse. So you can also try your business and creative ideas on the metaverse dimension. For example, gaming, entertainment, events, virtual real estate, etc.
  9. Metaverse domain registrars – As you already know, if you want to own a metaverse domain name, you need to use a metaverse domain registrar service like cipzi domain registration service. All you need to do is, search your domain name idea in the search bar and select the meta domain extension with it. Try our metaverse domain name searching tool which is very simple and user friendly.
  10. Meta browsers – You may already know this, metaverse domain names can only be accessed with meta browsers which are compatible with the web3 technology.

How do Metadomains differ from Traditional Domains?

Metaverse domain names are similar to the traditional web 2.0 domain names but created for use within the metaverse environment. Metaverse is a virtual ecosystem that was developed based on decentralized technology. As the metaverse provides virtual reality, a most awaited concept, internet users believe the metaverse is the next level of the present web 2.0 internet.

MetaZ Domain As An Investment Source

As mentioned earlier, metaverse domain names are an upgraded version of traditional domains. Domain flipping is a popular online money making method, uses traditional domain names. Domain flipping is a practice of buying a domain name for a cheaper price and selling it for profit. 

So one can wonder can I do the same with a MetaZ domain…?

Yes you can. You can make money with metaverse domain name and it is known as metaverse domain flipping. Now is the best time to invest in a metaverse domain name. Why? As it is still the early phase of the metaverse domains, the cost of a meta domain is low. So if you act now, you can own quality meta domain names and can sell them when the prices are increased with the time. 

Security With The Blockchain Technology

Before investing in a meta domain, one of the most important fact you need to check is the security of you investment. Metaverse domains are involved with the blockchain technology which is a decentralized system. Therefore, your meta domain names inherits the security benefits of both blockchain technology and decentralization such as, transparency, security and the trust within the metaverse ecosystem.

  • Decentralization – not like traditional domains, metaverse domains operate on decentralized networks. This dissolves any ciber threats or hacking attempts.
  • Blocking transparency – metaverse domains are recorded in a private blockchain, therefore every transaction is recorded in it and anyone can see the history and the present status of the domain name which is highly transparent. This transparency ensures that any alterations to domain records are visible to all network participants, creating an auditable and tamper-resistant history.

These are the main factors you need to know about a metaverse domain name. If you have anything to know or need clarification, please contact us at once. We are waiting to help you!